The Middle Chapters

In real life – during those middle chapters of your autobiography – people don’t stick with you during the repeated failures. Some of the biggest disappointments will be the surprising people who give up on you at the first sign that you don’t have the Midas touch. Some of those people will be your mentors, your family members, your best friends, your most ardent boosters who prior gas lit you into a sense of hubris and security. Some of those people, admittedly, won’t surprise you at all – the bandwagoners, the folks who only showed up when you had something tangible to offer them, the opportunists – but the reality of the loneliness at the bottom can be jarring.

That being said, there’s a certain warrior-like mentality that those chapters build. A grit, a toughness that inevitably will be valuable later on when the stakes are higher and the margins for error are smaller. In truth, you will thank God for those dark periods and the strength it took to get through them. Because while failure, rejection, and disappointment are themselves formidable foes, nothing is harder to handle than the weight of your own realized potential.


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